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Why do more and more people choose full-body marble tiles?

Now whether it is popular modern style, new Chinese style or light luxury style, the whole body marble tiles will be one of the main materials of consumers' first choice. So what exactly is a full-body marble tile? Why do more and more people choose full-body marble tiles?

The whole body marble tile is a kind of marble tile, and it is also a kind of ceramic tile formed after polishing the glazed tile. It is just that the whole body marble tile pays more attention to the shaping of the tile tile. The original principle is also based on the marble tile. A ceramic tile product made up of bricks similar to the surface texture of a tile.The whole body brick strengthens the material, surface and color development, and is widely used in the decoration of indoor halls, aisles, walls and outdoor exterior walls, walkways, squares and other areas.

Same as inside and outside · application more freely

Ordinary marble tiles can see the white or gray body inside the tile during the later deep processing; while the whole body marble tiles make the color and texture of the body the same as the surface and the texture. Deep processing such as groove drawing, chamfering and edging can be performed at will .The processing is more free, the effect is more realistic, and it can meet the needs of various later decorations.

Advanced technology · the effect is more realistic

The whole body marble tiles adopt the latest inkjet technology, and are based on rich natural stone patterns. The rich and realistic textures are comparable to natural stone patterns, and are closer to the heavy texture of natural stone.

There is a lot to be done · the effect is more high-end

The whole body marble tile series not only has 400*800mm, 800*800mm and other conventional specifications, but also the popular large slab specifications, which breaks the size limit, reduces the paving gap, and the effect is more beautiful and high-end.

Superior performance · wider application

The whole body marble tile products are pressed by a high-tonnage press and fired at a high temperature. The finished bricks are more delicate in color and higher in performance and quality. It is not only hard and wear-resistant, but also anti-fouling, anti-seepage and anti-skid. It can be used on the wall or on the ground. It is also suitable for commercial spaces or public places with a large flow of people.

Protect the ecology

The whole body marble tiles are made of natural soil and stone as raw materials, and then processed by high-temperature calcination, which saves natural resources and protects the environment and ecology.

Now you can see why more and more people choose full-body marble tiles when decorating.