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What tiles should I put in the bathroom? Not only to look good, but also to prevent slippage and care!

The bathroom is a small space that is particularly critical in the decoration. Regardless of its small area, the details to pay attention to are not less than that of the living room. From the foundation drainage and waterproofing in the early stage, to the inclination of the floor tiles in the middle stage, to the shower in the later stage. For the installation of hardware and bathroom cabinets, as long as any link is not handled properly, Meimei's bathroom decoration can be completely abandoned. In the basic decoration of the bathroom, the floor tiles and wall tiles are more visible and can be seen directly. Therefore, the tiles attached to the bathroom are also very important when choosing. Let's talk about some points to consider when choosing bathroom tiles!

1. The choice of bathroom tile color

The colors of the tiles are rich and varied. In our mature bathroom design tile color matching, the more common colors can be classified into the following types:

Gray series. The gray tiles have a simple and elegant appearance. They are classic and durable colors. If used on the bathroom tiles, the overall effect is also very clean, fashionable and high-end. Gray tiles are a common match in the bathroom.

White series. White tiles are a relatively clean and elegant choice. Used in the bathroom space, it can maintain a clean and generous effect and make the bathroom look cleaner and "hygienic". White ceramic tiles are generally used on the wall of the bathroom.

Yellow series. Yellow is a more natural earthy color, and it is also a color that is more resistant to stains. It is also more resistant to stains when used in the bathroom space. Yellow ceramic tiles are used in the bathroom, which can be matched with a uniform color on the wall and the ground.

Color matching. If you are more pursuing the level and design of the space, then the bathroom can also choose tile matching of color matching, so that the tiles in the bathroom will have a more elegant and artistic temperament and improve the quality of the space. Take some new color matching tiles to make the bathroom more elegant and advanced.

The ground is darker than the wall. If the floor tiles and wall tiles of the bathroom are in different colors, the general matching principle is "the floor tiles are darker than the floor tiles". This combination can achieve a more stable visual sense and give people a more practical experience. The ground is darker than the wall, making the space more stable.

2. Anti-slip and safety

The bathroom is a relatively damp space. Bathing and washing usually make the floor slippery. Therefore, the choice of bathroom tiles, especially floor tiles, is also very important for non-slip and safety factors.

Matte floor tiles. In the choice of bathroom floor tiles, if you have a choice, it is generally recommended to choose matte tiles first. This kind of floor tiles has a better anti-skid coefficient.

Groove for floor tiles. If you don't have a choice, you can also use a larger size of the whole brick to make the shower room, and then make the floor tiles of the shower room into a trough, which can also achieve a better anti-skid effect.

3. Resistant to dirt and care

The bathroom is a space where we take care of personal hygiene. Daily washing, showering, and mop washing are all performed in this space. Therefore, this space is actually relatively easy to get dirty, especially on the ground near the floor drain, which is easy to produce dirt and accumulate hair. Therefore, the floor tiles of the bathroom, dirt resistance and maintenance are also factors that must be considered.

Dirt-resistant color bricks. From the perspective of stain resistance, the bathroom floor tiles are recommended to choose gray and yellow colors. These colors are easy to find when stains, but they will not be very conspicuous when they are a little dirty. They are suitable for most people's lifestyle habits.

Smooth drainage. Smooth drainage is a detail that should be paid attention to when decorating and tiling in the early stage. If the inclination between the floor tiles and the floor drain is unreasonable, and the bathroom generates water, it will be very inconvenient to take care of. Therefore, if the bathroom wants to be well taken care of, it is also very important to choose a plasterer with excellent tiling skills. The dry toilet is not only hygienic and clean, but also safe and non-slip.

The ceramic tiles in the bathroom are mainly based on the above factors when choosing. Specific to each person's choice, it is to combine the overall decoration style and needs of each household. Anyway, no matter what style it is, when choosing bathroom tiles, we must focus on the considerations of "beautiful, non-slip, and easy to manage".