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What's good about quartz countertops?

Now everyone decorates the kitchen, and the materials for kitchen countertops generally include natural stone, stainless steel, artificial stone, quartz stone, refractory board and so on. Among them, the most cost-effective and most popular is quartz stone countertops. So what is so good about quartz countertops? Let's take a look together!

1. Good wear resistance

Quartz stone countertops are usually composed of more than 90% quartz ore and about 10% resin. Quartz sand provides hardness, and resin acts as a bond and provides toughness.

Due to the high hardness and high density of quartz stone, its surface hardness can reach Mohs' hardness level 7.5, which is close to the hardness of diamonds and much higher than the sharp tools such as knives and shovel used in the kitchen. So even if we directly use a knife to cut vegetables on the quartz stone countertop, its countertop will not be easily scratched or left scratched.

2.Good dirt resistance

Usually when we use condiments such as oil and salt, it is easy to sprinkle it on the countertop. If the countertop has poor dirt resistance and easy bleeding, the countertop may leave marks, which will directly affect the aesthetics of the entire kitchen. Quartz stone countertops have excellent dirt resistance and corrosion resistance, and have good corrosion resistance to acid and alkali substances in the kitchen. They are also more convenient to clean and easy to maintain.

Food-grade antibacterial high-density quartz stone countertops have a dense surface, no pores, no water absorption, and strong stain resistance. Soy sauce and stains will not bleed when dripping on the countertops. Simply clean the countertops with water in daily cleaning. , Maintenance is super easy!

3.Good fire resistance

The countertop can be said to be the hardest member of the kitchen, and it has to withstand the test of hot pot and splashing hot oil and hot soup every day. Therefore, an excellent kitchen countertop must have good fire resistance, which is also an important guarantee for kitchen safety. The quartz stone countertops not only have high hardness, but also have good fire resistance.

The basic raw material of quartz stone is mainly quartz sand particles, and the melting point of quartz stone itself is above 1300 degrees. After adding a small amount of composite materials, its surface still has a fairly high resistance to burns. The hot coke slag that often burns the countertop in the family is the cigarette butt or the hot coke slag falling off from the bottom of the pot. The quartz stone countertop is not only completely flame retardant, but also does not appear to be dented or spotted. The excellent fire resistance allows the quartz stone countertop to maintain a long-lasting smoothness. It has unmatched high temperature resistance characteristics such as artificial stone and other countertops.

4.Good decoration

The design and color of the quartz stone countertops are very changeable, the appearance is beautiful and generous, and it has a good decorative nature. The pigment of quartz stone is mainly mineral material, which has strong anti-fading ability. Under strong sunlight, it is difficult to observe the color change with the naked eye. It can basically be regarded as a non-fading material. Coupled with its excellent permeability resistance, it is not prone to yellowing and discoloration.

A good quartz stone countertop often has a more realistic pattern and a stronger three-dimensional effect. It can hang many expensive natural stone countertops in terms of visual effects. Its service life is also very long. Even if we use it for 5 or 10 years, its appearance is still as beautiful as the newly installed countertop. As long as it is used properly, it does not require too much special protection and maintenance.