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What is the difference between quartz stone and stainless steel for kitchen countertops? Which one is more suitable for home use?

As the key area in the decoration, the kitchen, in addition to the cabinets, the countertop is also a place that cannot be ignored. A good countertop not only makes cooking easier, but also improves the aesthetics and practical value of the kitchen.

There are many materials for kitchen countertops on the market, but there are two materials that are more controversial, that is, quartz stone and stainless steel. Some people think that quartz stone is more durable, while others think that stainless steel countertops will be cleaner and cost-effective.

So what is the difference between the two, and which material is more suitable for home use? The following will give you a comparison from 5 aspects, I believe you will be more aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each material after reading it.

Durability: Quartz stone countertops and stainless steel countertops are not much different

The stainless steel material itself contains chromium and nickel, so it has good corrosion resistance and high durability.

Quartz stone is a synthetic material. Generally, quartz stone countertops with a Mohs hardness greater than 5 have high hardness and rigidity. They are resistant to corrosion and high temperature, so they are also very durable.

Wear resistance: quartz stone countertops are better than stainless steel countertops

The stainless steel countertop is made of metal, and the texture is not as hard as quartz stone. After long-term use, the surface will definitely leave scratches, which will affect the beauty and service life of the countertop.

However, quartz stone countertops are artificially synthesized from more than 90% quartz crystals and resins and various trace elements, so they have high hardness, are not easy to be scratched or scratched, and are wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, and have a longer service life.

Cleaning difficulty: stainless steel countertops are better than quartz countertops

The stainless steel countertop is environmentally friendly and non-radiation, waterproof and oil resistant, good connection, no gaps on the countertop, and easy to clean. Generally, just wipe the surface clean after cooking.

Although the quartz stone countertops are not difficult to take care of, if the quartz stone craftsmanship is not in place and seamless connection is not achieved, the liquid on the countertops will easily penetrate into the quartz stone. If it is not found in time, it will be very difficult to clean in the future. It also has high requirements for the material of quartz stone countertops.

Beauty: Quartz stone countertops are better than stainless steel countertops

Quartz stone countertops have various styles and textures, and natural stone looks very attractive and has many options;

However, the stainless steel countertop has a single style, boring shape and appearance, and poor design, which tends to give people a feeling of a restaurant back kitchen.

Price: Stainless steel countertops are lower than quartz countertops

The cost of stainless steel countertops is much lower than that of quartz countertops, and it has a clear advantage in price.

Which one is better for home use?

1. If the kitchen utilization rate is not high at home and you don't want to spend too much money, you can consider stainless steel countertops, which are easy to take care of and save money. But pay attention when choosing stainless steel countertops: try to choose high-quality 304 stainless steel, with a thickness of 1mm or more, and do a good job of waterproofing, otherwise problems will occur frequently in the future.

2. If the kitchen at home is more beautiful and practical, and the budget is sufficient, of course it is better to choose quartz countertops.