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What are the business elements of the maintenance work of hollow blow molding machine

What are the business contents of the maintenance work of the hollow blow molding machine? The maintenance work of the hollow blow molding machine is based on the wear and tear of certain parts found in the maintenance of the equipment and the production work of the equipment that affects the quality of products between the problem, the equipment technicians decided to propose, planned repair or replacement of certain parts or certain components, in order to restore the best working condition of the equipment.

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Equipment maintenance work, and can be divided into normal maintenance and maintenance of the work plan arrangements for the normal work of the sudden occurrence of accidents.

    Under normal circumstances, the regular maintenance of hollow blow molding machine equipment is once a year, the time is often arranged in the days before the holiday break or during the holidays. By the equipment management personnel to participate in the work of guidance, by the equipment maintenance workers and operators with the work. The main content of the regular maintenance work on the equipment is as follows:

    ① cleaning, scrubbing hollow blow molding machine on all parts of the oil and dust in the electronic control box;

    ③ disassemble the reducer box, bearing gland, check the quality of lubricating oil and the amount of metal powder in the oil, if necessary to clean and change the oil;

    ③Check the wear of various transmission parts, and the gears with more serious wear should be mapped and prepared for replacement in the next maintenance;

    ④Check the wear of the belt in the V-belt drive, and adjust the tightness of the V-belt installation, and replace the V-belt with serious wear;

    ⑤ check the wear of the barrel and screw, for light scratches and wear rough surface, to use oil stone or fine sand cloth to repair smooth smooth, record the barrel, screw working surface of the measured size;

    ⑥Record the more serious wear V-belt type specifications, bearing type specifications, after the maintenance work, put forward the damaged parts ordering plan, ready for the next maintenance to replace;

    (7) Check and correct the difference between the barrel heating temperature (measured by mercury thermometer) and the displayed temperature of the instrument to ensure the correct operation of the extrusion process temperature;

    ⑧Adjust and test each safety glancing device to verify its working reliability and accuracy;

    ⑨ test, check whether the various pipelines (water, gas and lubricating oil) are smooth, and repair the leaking and blocked parts.

    ⑩Check and adjust the position of electric heating device, cooling fan and safety cover; ensure that they can work effectively and normally.