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Tile on the wall is popular, it is beautiful, and it is easy to clean

Tiles have stable physical properties, non-slip, anti-fouling, and high hardness. You don't need to worry about cleaning them. Generally, you can use clean water or special medical alcohol to wipe. Today I will introduce you to the popular ceramic tile on the wall.

As a main decoration material with strong practicability, ceramic tiles are more and more popular among the public. With the improvement of product quality and rich decoration performance, ceramic tiles can not only pave the floor, but also bring good effects on the wall.

Floor tiles ≠ wall tiles  

Wall tiles and floor tiles are the same as interior decoration materials, both play a role in protection and beautification, but the focus is different. Compared with floor tiles, wall tiles pay more attention to aesthetics, and have stronger anti-fouling power and higher water absorption. They are lighter and thinner in comparison, but the back is relatively rough, which is conducive to the adhesion of the wall and the resistance The abrasiveness and hardness are not as good as floor tiles.

Matching skills

1. Color matching.Large-area tiles often set the tone of the style of the whole home. It is recommended to choose simpler and durable colors, and the textures should be avoided as much as possible. In terms of color, wall tiles and floor tiles can be selected in similar colors, dark floor tiles and light-colored wall tiles, and the combination of warm and cold contrast colors, and so on.

2. Big slab on the wall.Everyone knows that the larger the size of the tile, the more magnificent the effect. The large slabs on the walls give people a sense of extension and expansion visually, making the space more spacious. Especially the large paving of stone or wood grain, which greatly restores the pure beauty of nature, matched with the elegant design style, properly presents a sense of high quality!

3. Skillful use of tile waistline.The integration of wall and ground is conducive to the harmony of collocation, but it may be a bit monotonous. It is embellished with flower pieces and waist lines to increase the beauty and artistry of the space, and the effect presented is also very textured.

4. Shape matching.There are 3 common ways of matching shapes: (1). Long and square matching, the floor tiles are generally square, while the wall tiles are rectangular. (2). The collocation of square and special shape, the collocation of floor tiles and wall tiles in different shapes, on the contrary, can produce visual coordination and avoid tedious decoration. If you cut, you need to pay attention to the size as uniform as possible. (3). The matching of large and small, the comparison of the area of floor tiles and wall tiles, creates a balanced effect.

Seam treatment   

In the splicing of tiles, the gaps are inevitable. The gaps left are too big to look ugly, and the gaps left are too small and they are afraid of thermal expansion. Usually, the gaps in the wall tiles are recommended to be around 1-1.5mm. When on the wall, pay attention to avoid unevenness.

Tile on the wall can not only improve the beauty of the interior, but also effectively protect the wall. Try to break through the conventions, break through the limitations, and make the home more beautiful