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The tiles should be laid like this!

A good ceramic tile, stunning the whole home. Ceramic tiles are an indispensable material for decoration, but how to choose the ideal tiles?

What color is good for floor tiles?

For large-area floor tiles, it is best to choose durable and durable styles, and usually choose a color with a lower brightness, so as to create a sense of solidity and calmness for the home environment. Floor tiles in small-sized home spaces should not be too dark or too small in size, otherwise it will shrink the visual effect of the ground and the space appears small and cramped.

For large apartments, you can choose to use dark floor tiles to create a sense of depth, and at the same time you can choose to use light-colored walls to reconcile, or use soft curtains, brightly colored pillows, etc. to brighten the space and embellishment, highlight the liveliness and comfort of the space.

1. Wood color

The warm wood color has always been liked by the general public. The warm color enhances the temperature of the home. In the natural and pure warm color room, it is a beautiful thing to read and write quietly, which makes people fall in love with the feeling of going home. And it is also a very versatile style, which can be fashionable and lively, and can be calm and classic.

2. Advanced gray

If you like a simple style, gray floor tiles are a good choice. The neutral color is not only simple and elegant, but also durable and practical. It is also very versatile. Pairing with blue can make the space more calm, with white to make the space more petty bourgeoisie, and the brass color is more retro.

Popular paving method

In addition to the size and texture of the floor tiles, the way the floor tiles are laid is also very important to the home space. Without choosing a good paving method and matching method, even if the decoration investment is large, it will not make people feel amazing. What are the popular paving methods currently?

1. 工-shaped shop method

工-shaped shop method is divided into: one-third shop method and one-half shop method. This is the most common floor laying method at present, the effect is neat and clean, and the construction is simple. You can choose bricks with color difference to mix and match, and they are scattered and neatly, bringing a more unique and flexible feeling to the space.

2. Herringbone paving method

Fashion is a circle, going round and round will become popular again. This elegant and retro collage style is suitable for traditional European decoration, and it is also very suitable for modern home spaces, giving people a visual extension. The herringbone paving method can be subdivided into three categories, namely: straight herringbone, oblique herringbone, and double-person glyph, all of which have a beautiful meaning of climbing.

3. Fishbone shop method

This paving method is somewhat similar to the herringbone paving method. The difference is that the two sides of the floor tiles need to be cut at a certain angle, mostly 60° or 45°, and the center seams are aligned during paving. The extension effect of the space is stronger, and at the same time it is more fashionable. The disadvantage is that this method of laying has high requirements on materials and worker skills, and the loss rate is higher.

4. Carpet laying method

The mix-and-match spelling has a super high value and comes with a sense of enchantment, which can better divide the open space, such as between the open kitchen and the dining room, or between the entrance hall and the living room. The same requirements for objective conditions are correspondingly higher, and the closing of the junction requires special attention, and at the same time, avoid height differences as much as possible.