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The decoration understands these 12 practical details, and the kitchen usability index has doubled!

Kitchen decoration is a big project. It is easy for us to overlook some small details in many decoration items. If these small details are not handled properly, the cooking experience will be greatly affected. Remember these 12 practical little details, so that kitchen decoration troubles will be reduced by half!

Countertop cabinet

1. Choose quartz stone material for countertop, best cost performance

The countertop is the protagonist of the kitchen space. A good countertop can not only extend the service life of the cabinet, but also improve the happiness of cooking! The countertops are made of various materials, but the mainstream choice is still quartz stone countertops. Quartz stone countertops combine the advantages of other materials, including high hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, oil stain resistance, pressure resistance, and no radiation. It is balanced in performance, appearance, and price, and the price is optimal.

2. Cabinet countertops are equipped with water-retaining strips to prevent moisture and dirt

The cabinet countertop plus the rear water retaining strip has two main functions. One is to fill the gap between the countertop and the wall to prevent water from accumulating in the gap, and to prevent the wall from being damp and black and damaging the cabinet; the second is that it is easy to build up around the stove Oil fume and dust, after adding the rear water retaining strip, it is equivalent to sealing off the sanitary corner, making it easier to clean.

3. The design of the high and low platform is reasonable and the size is planned, saving worry and effort

Inappropriate countertop height will make cooking very tiring and easy to back pain. Generally speaking, the height of the table is determined by the height of the user. The gold calculation formula is: human body height/2+5cm. If you want to make cooking easier, you can also use the high and low countertop design, so that the sink position and the stove position form a height difference. The sink position is slightly higher than the stove position, generally about 10cm is more appropriate, so you don't need to bend when washing vegetables and washing dishes. You don’t need to stand your arms while cooking, which greatly enhances the cooking experience.

4. The sink is installed with an under-counter basin for easy cleaning of the countertop

Compared with the above counter basin, the under counter basin is better to take care of. The sink is completely embedded in the countertop, there is almost no gap, and it is not easy to hide dirt and dirt. When cleaning, it can be directly wiped into the sink with a rag, which is very worry-free. In addition, the undercounter basin and the countertop have a high degree of integration, and the overall appearance is more beautiful and simple.

5. Add metal adjusting feet at the bottom of the cabinet for stability and safety

The cabinet adjustment feet look inconspicuous, but they are actually significant. It can support the entire cabinet, keep the cabinet at a certain distance from the ground, and reduce moisture invasion; it can also adjust the precise height freely to ensure that the cabinet is installed horizontally, so that the countertop is evenly stressed and reduces cracking.

6. Install anti-collision rubber particles on the cabinet door to reduce noise

The cabinet doors are opened and closed more than a dozen times daily, but each time the "banging" loud noise is very annoying, in fact, as long as the door panels are installed with anti-collision rubber particles, this problem can be perfectly solved.

Layout function

7. Layout the functional area according to the correct movement line to reduce walking

If you move frequently during cooking, the layout is unreasonable. The smooth kitchen flow usually follows the sequence of "collecting materials-washing and cutting-cooking". Only by conforming to the operating habits can it be done in one go and improve the efficiency of cooking. The division of functional areas according to this step determines the location of the cooking area, cooking area, and cleaning area. Regardless of the size of the kitchen, the three layouts can ensure that the three major layouts form a perfect golden triangle movement line and reduce unnecessary walking.

8. Pay attention to the reserved space for embedded kitchen appliances, ventilate and dissipate heat

Embedded kitchen appliances are called small-sized artifacts, and the overall aesthetics and coordination can also improve the utilization of kitchen space. Many families will choose custom built-in kitchen appliances to save space in the kitchen. However, it should be noted that before customizing the cabinet, you must first clarify the size of the kitchen appliance that needs to be embedded, so that it is convenient to reserve a heat dissipation channel to avoid fitting with the cabinet wall. Reserve at least 5 cm between the back, left and right sides of the kitchen appliance and the cabinet board cooling space.

9. Set up the lamp belt in the cabinet to ensure sufficient light source, no effort to search

Some cabinets have a deeper design. If you don't add auxiliary light sources, you will basically be "blind" if you are looking for something at night. It is recommended to install a light strip in the cabinet for easy access to items; it can also enhance the aesthetics of the space and light up the atmosphere of the private kitchen. If you use it frequently, you can also choose to configure a magnetic sensor switch, which can be turned on and on, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Storage design

10. The hanging cabinet is equipped with a pull basket design, which is more convenient to take

Wall cabinets increase the storage space in the kitchen, but they are not very friendly to small people and it is more difficult to get things. In fact, this problem is very easy to solve. Just install a drop-down basket inside the wall cabinet, gently pull the bottom handle to pull it to the front, and put it into the back of the wall cabinet when not in use. It can be easily retrieved and can isolate oily smoke.

11. The floor cabinets are sorted and stored, and the placement of items is clear at a glance

As the largest storage space in the kitchen, the floor cabinet assumes most of the storage functions. It is recommended to set up pull baskets, drawers, etc. for classified storage.

12. Use wall space to store vertically, neat and beautiful

If you want to use the small kitchen more and more, make good use of the wall and corner space! Wall storage can choose a wall-mounted shelf.

The above 12 decoration details are easy to be overlooked, and special attention should be paid before decoration. The small details are done, and it is easy to improve the happiness of cooking!