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The countertop is too messy, and the kitchen is so stowed, which perfectly cures OCD

It’s not a simple thing to store the kitchen well, let’s take a look at how to store the huge kitchen sundries.

1. Kitchen countertop

The countertop should be kept clean, and the items should not exceed 1/3 of the area. One of the kitchen countertops is the food preparation area and the other is the plate loading area, both of which require a large area for work. If the pile is too full, it will be inconvenient to clean it up and move it away. Add nail-free kitchen racks to the wall, and all the commonly used seasonings and some cooking tools are on the wall!

2. Kitchen base cabinet

Add a kitchen pull basket to store seasonings and food stocks. The base cabinet is too deep and it is inconvenient to take things. It is often necessary to fully squat down to take things, so the base cabinet is also equipped with a pull basket.

The seasoning basket is installed on the side close to the stove, and when you are cooking, you can pull it out to take the seasoning. It's quite smooth, and the space utilization rate has also been greatly improved. The basket rack has a divider, which can separate the seasonings, is much neater, and is not easy to stain each other.

On the side close to the refrigerator, a stainless steel pull basket can be used. Put grains for brewing in one layer on the top, and dry goods on the bottom layer. Use storage tanks to seal them to prevent insects.

3. Storage on the side of the refrigerator

One side stores commonly used brewed drinks, and the other side stores cleaning tools. You can choose the refrigerator shelf in the same color to store kitchen paper towels and commonly used brewing items. The storage location of kitchen towels is super easy, because it is not convenient to put them in the drawer every time.

4. Use the upper level position to squeeze the storage space

In the storage of cabinets or countertops, sometimes small items are placed, leaving some space unusable. You can use storage shelves and shelf hanging baskets to separate the space, and use some corner space. In this case, open the cabinet, and the basically usable space is full of items.