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Stone furniture maintenance, 5 ways to help you get it!

Stone furniture maintenance method

1.When moving, pay attention to the placement of the stone's shape, and don't hit the stone with sharp hard objects, which will cause scratches on the protective layer of the stone, which is not conducive to the extension of the life of the stone. At the same time, when moving the stone, if it is a double-layer stone, it must be overlapped and close when moving, and no gaps should be left in the middle. If there is a gap in the middle, it will be shaken when moving the stone furniture, which is prone to collision accidents, which can directly cause the stone furniture to be damaged.

2.Do not touch non-neutral items. All stone furniture and furniture are afraid of acid and alkali.For example: acid often causes pyrite minerals in granite to oxidize and produce yellowing. Acid will decompose calcium carbonate contained in marble and cause surface erosion.Alkali can also erode the grain boundaries of granite feldspar and quartz silicide crystals, causing the phenomenon of grain exfoliation. Therefore, non-neutral objects are the original culprits of destroying the mirror surface of stone furniture.

3.Do not cover carpets and debris for a long time. In order to keep the stone furniture breathing smooth, it is necessary to avoid covering the surface of the stone furniture with carpets and debris for a long time, otherwise the moisture under the stone furniture will not be volatilized through the pores of the stone furniture. Stone furniture will cause annoying pathological problems of stone furniture due to excessive moisture and increased water content. If you must lay carpets and pile up debris, please don’t forget to change it frequently.

4.Stone furniture is afraid that the environmental humidity is too high. Moisture will produce hydration, hydrolysis and carbonation of stone furniture, produce water spots, bleaching, weathering, erosion, rust yellow and other diseases, and destroy stone furniture. Therefore, the installation of stone furniture should always be ventilated and dry.

5.Do not arbitrarily wax. There are many kinds of wax on the market, including water-based wax, stearic acid wax, oily wax, acrylic wax and so on. These waxes basically contain acid and alkali substances. Not only will it block the breathable pores of the stone furniture, but it will also be stained with dust and form wax scale, which will cause yellowing on the surface of the stone furniture. However, if it is necessary for pedestrians and places with high frequency of goods to be waxed, you must consult a professional maintenance company for instructions on wax use and maintenance.

Stone furniture cleaning method

1.Natural stone furniture still needs people’s careful maintenance during use to ensure its long service life.As far as marble is concerned, marble is a porous material, so it is easy to stain. You should use less water when cleaning. Regularly wipe with a slightly damp cloth with a mild detergent, and then dry and polish with a clean soft cloth.

2.Severely worn marble furniture is difficult to handle. It can be wiped with steel wool and then polished with an electric sander to restore its luster. Or wipe it carefully with a liquid scrubbing agent. You can use lemon juice or vinegar to clean the stains, but the lemon should not stay on it for more than 1-2 minutes. Repeat the operation if necessary, then wash and dry.

3.Whether it is hard granite or soft marble, it is not resistant to long-term damage by wind sand and soil particles. Therefore, it is necessary to use a dust collector and an electrostatic mop to remove dust and clean thoroughly from time to time. It is best to place dust-removing mats at the entrance of commercial spaces. It is best to change into slippers after entering the home where the sand grains carried by the shoes are filtered to reduce the chance of sand and dust abrading the surface of the stone furniture.

4.All stone furniture has natural pores, pollution sources (oil, tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, ink, etc.) will easily penetrate into the stone furniture along the pores, forming annoying stains.Therefore, it is necessary to choose high-quality special protective agent for stone furniture to be applied to stone furniture to prevent pollution sources from polluting the stone furniture. It is necessary to know that all protective agents cannot prevent pollution 100% for a long time, so once a pollution source is poured on the stone furniture, it must be cleared immediately to prevent it from penetrating into the pores of the stone furniture.

5.For minor scratches, special marble cleaners and care agents can be used.