Paving Stone & Outdoor

Paving Stone & Outdoor is a substance that is spread on the road to keep the road smooth and not deformed. Its characteristics are ordinary, compressive and tough. People usually use paving stones to describe a state of mind. This state of mind is like a paving stone that is silent, unyielding, and willing to give.With the development of economy and society, stone is more and more widely used on outdoor roads, with durable and beautiful effects. Stone is a material that is easily contaminated. Therefore, it is best to do stone surface protection treatment before paving. Choose a suitable protective agent to coat all the stone surface. Not only can it be waterproof, but also anti-fouling, and at the same time prevent the stone from causing disease. The bottom surface of the stone (the surface in contact with the cement mortar) needs to be coated with an "interface agent" after the protection is completed. The purpose is to make the stone better adhere to the cement mortar, otherwise it is easy to cause the phenomenon of hollowing and falling off. When paving, first spread a layer of fine sand on the bottom layer, smear the concrete evenly on the fine sand, adjust the mortar and pour evenly on the concrete, pave the stone, and align the four corners with a level, so that it can be compared. The paving was successfully completed.