Marble Tiles & Flooring

China marble floor tile  & Flooring refer to floor tiles made of marble. The texture of each tile is unique and distinctive, especially when these patterns are combined in different colors and sizes. The quality of the tiles and their natural beautiful appearance help to create a series of different types, different colors, patterns and textures of marble tiles.Marble floor tiles have many advantages: 1. Beautiful and generous. The first thing that attracts you with marble floor tiles is its beautiful appearance. 2. Durability. Marble is a very durable, hard stone. 3. Longevity. The life span of marble is beyond imagination and it is durable.If you also want to decorate your house with marble floor tiles, you might as well refer to the method of choosing marble floor tiles I shared below: 1. Look at the texture. Premium marble floor tiles are almost the same as natural marble, and it is difficult to distinguish true from false. When purchasing marble floor tiles, you can carefully check the texture of the product to see if the texture is natural and beautiful. 2. Look at the color. The surface color of high-quality marble should penetrate the brick body layer by layer to perfectly restore the natural color of natural stone, real and three-dimensional; the screen must be at least 360DPI 0 grid high-precision printing, and the on-site identification pattern is clear, and the distance from the floor tile is 10cm away from the naked eye Those who can't see the grid are top grade. 3. Paving effect. When buying marble floor tiles, we must also consider the continuity and integrity of large-area paving. The color and pattern of marble floor tiles are the restoration of natural stone, but the integrity of natural marble is not available in floor tiles, because natural marble The texture of a piece of product is different, not only the appearance of the single piece is better, but also there are changes, so that the overall paving effect will have a sense of integrity. 4. Look at the texture. Good marble floor tiles are transparent and heavy, with distinct layers. 

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Touching the surface of the product, it feels warm and smooth. It is as delicate as a baby’s skin, with unevenness. Each marble floor tile will have the texture and tactile effect like natural stone. This is also the light effect of the marble floor tile. The reason for not slipping. 5. Hardness. In order to prevent the floor tiles from being easily damaged, durable marble floor tiles should have a higher hardness: the special Mohs hardness needs to be ≧6, and a hard iron such as a blade is used on the floor to scratch the surface of the floor tiles. The ones with no scratches are the top grade.