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Marble countertops with cabinets of various colors can also be so beautiful

As the only large piece of furniture in the kitchen, the color selection and countertop matching of cabinets can be said to be a technical task. Proper selection of colors and countertops can not only make the kitchen more beautiful, but also make the family delightful. A kitchen with an exquisite appearance can increase our interest in cooking.

Among the many kitchen cabinets, the cabinets with marble countertops are very popular, and the colors of marble are very rich. What color marble countertops match with what color cabinets look good?

Wood color. The application of wooden elements in home decoration is very common, so wood color has also become a main color of decoration, especially when applied to kitchen cabinets, and wood color will give people a natural and comfortable feeling. For example, the kitchen cabinets are made of wood and white, and the classic colors collide, but the kitchen space will be more casual and natural. The cabinet is mainly made of wood color, and the countertop is white marble. The overall color matching looks very warm and comfortable. In addition, the wood color can be matched with a variety of colors, the most common of which is white, which can add warmth to the kitchen.

Black or dark colors. Nowadays, the simple style is more and more popular with everyone. Among them, black is the most common decoration color in the simple style. The black style will make the room more simple and elegant, and it also has a strong sense of modernity and fashion. The cabinets are mainly black, with white marble countertops. The classic black and white collocation instantly increases the mature luxury of the kitchen. At the same time, the cabinets designed according to the kitchen layout are convenient to use and appear simple and elegant, which is very consistent. The aesthetics of modern people.

Gray. Gray has different saturation levels, and the decorative effects it presents are ever-changing. As long as it is properly matched, it can also make the home decoration shine. As a neutral color, gray is a very good choice when used in kitchen cabinets, and gray can be matched with a variety of colors, such as white, black, metallic, and so on. Use gray and white to match, giving people a clean and tidy feeling. The entire kitchen creates a quiet atmosphere, where you can get away from the hustle and bustle and cook quietly.

Blue. The blue cabinet color makes the whole home life cool, driving away the boredom and heat in summer, and the refreshing colors are bright and natural. Coupled with the free collage of colorful marbles, the decoration of different colors and patterns gives the whole kitchen more joy is the color of life.

Red. Red is the representative of enthusiasm, and bright colors burn all the dullness and unhappiness in the room. The clean and tidy kitchen space is more of a good mood for friends who love cooking.

White. White is a classic, timeless and versatile color, and it always has a place in home decoration. The white-based kitchen gives a sense of purity, simplicity and elegance, and is very suitable for owners who love cleanliness and quietness. The classic contrast of white and black is never out of date. In addition, white is suitable for any color. Therefore, when choosing other kitchen appliances or appliances, you can choose arbitrarily and will not conflict with white kitchens.

Green. Green is the color of nature, refreshing and pure. It is one of the best colors to relieve eye fatigue and body and mind. The green cabinets give people a sense of calm and tranquility. Under such an environment, the mood will soften unconsciously. When you feel good, your dishes may be super long and not necessarily.

The kitchen is an important area in the family, and the daily use frequency is very high. Its decoration is very important. It can be said that the appropriate kitchen color matching can give the family a good mood and help us cook delicious dishes.