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Introduction of several different materials of water supply pipe fittings

Flange manufacturers: water supply fittings are divided into different types, different types have different advantages and performance, there will be different performance in use, to be used according to different conditions and environments to ensure the normal use of water supply pipe fittings, the following is the structure of several water supply pipe fittings and product performance advantages:


  1、Aluminum-plastic composite pipe

  Aluminum-plastic composite pipe is the earliest alternative to cast iron pipe water supply pipe fittings, its basic composition should be five layers, that is, from the inside out, in order of plastic, hot melt adhesive, aluminum alloy, hot melt adhesive, plastic.

  Aluminum-plastic composite pipe has good heat preservation performance, the inner and outer wall is not easy to corrode, because the inner wall is smooth, the resistance to fluid is very small; and because it can be bent at will, so the installation and construction is convenient. As a water supply pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe has enough strength, but if the lateral force is too large, it will affect the strength, so it is suitable for open pipe construction or buried in the wall, but not buried in the ground. The connection of aluminum-plastic composite pipe is ferrule type, so the construction should be tested by strict pressure test to see if the connection is firm. Second, to prevent frequent vibration, so that the ferrule loose. Third, the length direction should leave enough installation volume to avoid pulling off. In use in strict accordance with certain standards and procedures for use, in accordance with certain characteristics and performance of the use of installation to ensure that the aluminum-plastic composite pipe has good performance and use value.

  2、Copper pipe, stainless steel pipe

  This type of pipe in addition to poor insulation performance, other indicators such as strength, life expectancy to fluid resistance, etc. are very good, set up suitable for cold water piping. If used for hot water transmission, should add insulation sheath. Connection to the ferrule type is the main, copper pipe can also be welded. Copper and stainless steel pipes can be welded in use to ensure the normal flow of shopping to.

  3、Inner plastic-lined galvanized cast iron pipe

  That is, in the ordinary galvanized pipe wall lined with a layer of plastic, so that it has corrosion resistance, low resistance, good insulation performance, while having the characteristics of galvanized pipe itself high strength. Most of these pipes are connected by ribbing.

  4、Plastic pipe

  Plastic pipe can have enough strength, life, safety and health as long as the material selection meets the standard requirements. It is the best insulation performance among all pipes. Plastic pipe using heat fusion welding, high reliability, as long as the construction is correct, by the test pressure of normal pipe welding, there will be no leakage off.

  5、Plastic copper pipe

  Plastic composite copper pipe with pure copper (purple copper) for fittings, PE plastic outside, from a comprehensive performance, plastic composite copper pipe is slightly better than aluminum composite pipe. For example, the strength is better, the life is longer, and the heat resistance is better. But the insulation performance is slightly worse.

  Pure copper has a very high corrosion resistance, after a period of time, the inner surface will appear a layer of green oxide. But the life of the tube, the flow, and the resistance to fluid, basically nothing. Copper green is not harmful to human health, and has the ability to kill bacteria.

  Different materials of water supply pipe fittings are made of different materials, and the processing and performance of the products used will differ to a certain extent, and the performance of the products in use will also deviate to a certain extent, to be used according to the specific situation, in accordance with certain conditions and environment.