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How to choose stone for home decoration

Living room-ground \ background wall

Speaking of the most basic floor and walls, the most important thing in a Bailaiping house reflects the owner's taste and style is the living room. The living room paved with marble can instantly enhance the grade and taste of the overall home. The head of the household who likes the simple style can choose natural-textured marble, pave the whole surface directly, and lay the plush carpet on it, and the warm feeling is ready to come out. The head of the household who likes elegant style can shop some simple mosaic products in the center of the living room, which saves the care of blankets and makes the space more interesting in life.

Bathroom-floor\wall\bathroom basin

The texture of natural stone is natural and generous, and the use effect of bathroom wall is very good. While the ground uses natural marble, you need to keep it dry and clean.

Kitchen-cabinet countertops \ wall

Relatively speaking, in a one-hundred-square-meter indoor home, the kitchen and bathroom are areas where many householders are willing to invest more in high-quality building materials. Artificial stone is often used for the countertops and walls of the cabinet, but the texture of the artificial stone is slightly unnatural. The kitchen made of natural marble is more simple and fashionable, and can also meet the needs of harsh environments.


The porch represents the "facade" of the home and directly affects the visitors' first impression. Therefore, although the area of the porch itself is not large, designers usually pay more attention to the creation of atmosphere, such as using eye-catching materials, shapes and colors, and The meticulous construction method cooperates, hoping to leave a good visual impression on visitors and occupants during a short time of entry and exit.


When decorating, people are more attentive to every corner of the house, and of course the stairs are no exception. Many people choose to use marble when decorating the floor of stairs, because it is more resistant to dirt, has good rigidity, high hardness, strong abrasion resistance, and low temperature deformation, and its anti-skid effect is better than that of ceramic tiles.

Natural marble, you must really learn to control it and use it, in order to change endless applications.