Granite Tiles & Flooring

Nowadays, floor materials emerge in endlessly and there are many kinds. The main reason for choosing granite is that granite is the hardest, most durable and can be used as one of the floor materials for a long time.So what are the specific advantages of granite tiles & flooring? The first is fashion and elegance. The granite floor tiles are imitation of natural granite texture. The granite stone has no color stripes. Most of them only have color spots, and some are pure colors. Therefore, the decorative effect is relatively elegant, simple, durable, fashionable and low-key luxury. Among them, the finer the mineral particles, the better, indicating that the structure is tight and strong and it is very resistant to wear. Therefore, it has a very long service life and can be used continuously for decades. The second is scratch resistance. Most of the hillstones are full-body tiles. Compared with glazed tiles, whole-body tiles are harder in texture, acid-resistant, wear-resistant, and have better anti-slip properties, and scratches will not cause damage to them. Therefore, even if you want to wash the wall, you don't need to worry about scratching its surface. In fact, the hardness of granite is second only to diamond. In addition, granite has high heat and pressure resistance, which makes it an ideal material for bathroom walls. Finally, the water absorption rate is low. Since granite is basically not a porous stone, their water absorption rate is low. Therefore, it is not necessary to seal, especially for dark-colored floor tiles.When purchasing granite floor tiles, you should pay attention to the following points: 1. Make clear the environment where granite floor tiles need to be installed. Although granite does not require much care, it is still better to consider the environment in which granite floor tiles will be installed in advance. Generally, issues such as temperature and daytime flow of people need to be considered. If there are children at home, the anti-skid properties of floor tiles should also be considered. 2. Choose the color of granite floor tiles. Granite is a natural material and we cannot change its color. If you have used granite products in another part of your home, you must pay attention to the color matching. 3. Xiamen Ruizhi Import and Export Co., Ltd. recommends that it is best to hire experienced granite floor installers. There is a big difference between installing countertops and installing floors. Installing granite floors and calculating the number of bricks require considerable skill. Therefore, make sure that the installers are professionals who install granite floors, not experts in other areas. 4. Pay attention to ask for a warranty. Most granite floor tile products have a warranty. If you are not sure whether the granite slabs you bought are defective, then you have to read the warranty carefully to see if the manufacturer is responsible for accidental damage. If you are considering granite flooring, I hope the above content can help you.