Granite Slabs

Granite slab is a relatively hard building decoration material, it is difficult to be corroded by acid, alkali or weathering, and can be maintained for a hundred years, so it is often used in building decoration projects and some outdoor grounds.Granite slabs are processed from granite, gabbro, diorite, metamorphic schist, etc., and are mostly made of raw materials with relatively coarse grains and relatively uniform structure, and then cut according to the required specifications. Granite Slabs The installation of granite slabs can be divided into dry hanging and wet hanging. The former is to directly drill holes in the stone, and then use stainless steel connectors to connect with expansion bolts embedded in the reinforced concrete wall. The granite slab must be opened to the wall into 80- 90mm wide air layer. The latter first drills oblique holes in the granite grid, punches holes and installs metal clips.Alpinus Premium Granite Big SlabsFor granite paving, dust off the granite in advance, soak it and dry it in the shade for later use. When trying to pave the granite, align the vertical and horizontal seams of the granite slab placed on the paving position and gently tap the middle of the granite slab with a prefabricated hammer to make the mortar compact. , Hammer to the paving height. The last thing to note is that granite slabs should be selected for trial assembly before paving. Granite slabs with cracks, corners, warping and surface defects should be removed, and slabs of different varieties should not be mixed. Each granite slab is a unique jewel created by the unpredictable forces of nature. Natural forces turn ordinary rocks into beautiful things.Ice Age Granite Big Slabs