Granite Paving Stone & Outdoor

Granite Paving Stone & Outdoor is wear-resistant and beautiful. Granite is a kind of volcanic rock. Because of its excellent abrasion resistance and compression resistance, it has been widely used in construction and living areas for thousands of years. The Pyramid of Khufu in ancient Egypt was made of granite. The material of the Monument to the People's Heroes in my country is also granite, which is because of its durable quality. The strength of granite is second only to diamond, and granite paving stones also maintain this excellent quality. When choosing paving stones, we often attach great importance to indicators such as strength, wear resistance, durability and compression resistance. The paving stones made of granite let users no longer have to worry about the abrasion, deformation and damage of the ground. Granite paving stones have compact texture and regular structure, which makes it easy to clean, strong stain resistance, smooth and flat. Therefore, the placement and laying of granite paving stones are relatively simple and easy, which also brings great convenience to people's daily life and home cleaning. The interior of granite is a crystal structure, and its main components are feldspar, mica and their respective minerals. The long-term reaction of these minerals under the heat of the volcano will form a unique shape and color. After being cut, each piece of granite paving stone will show various, solemn and beautiful patterns, which is also the natural decorative function of granite. Using granite as a paving stone is to apply the advantages of this kind of rock to our lives.