2031 Woven Wool Multifamily Countertops

Product Name: Woven Wool Quartz Countertops.
Material: Quartz
Color: White Small Grain
Available Thickness: 2cm and 3cm


Size: Custom size as per your floor plan. 

Edge Finish: Polished eased edge, Double edge, Miter edge etc.

Place of Origin: Haiphong, Vietnam

Production time: 45~60 days depending on project scale


This Multifamily Countertops project specified using Woven Wool Quartz.  Quartz surface product from Vietnam to USA has no anti dumping tariff. 

Below wholesale products are also available.

Big Slabs: Size 3200x1600x20mm (126"x63"x3/4"), 3200x1600x30mm (126"x63"x1-1/4")

Standard Prefabricated Countertop: 110"x26", 110"x36", 110"x42", 110"x6". 

Feel free to let us know if you like other sizes.

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